KBF Foundation focuses on three pillars: education, information and economic resources. The Foundation promotes education for both boys and girls, informs them about development opportunities and stresses the importance of completing the entire primary school program. The foundation supports them not only financially and/or with means of production, but also provides health, safety and economic advice. The funds are made available in the form of donations and in the form of micro-credits. The projects are small scale and focus on structural change and development. At this moment all our activities are in Kenya.

Currently KBF Foundation focuses on the following three projects:

  • Mwaligulu Primary School
  • Nimuyumba Primary School
  • School for mentally challenged children in Nimuyumba



By clicking on the "+" sign, a menu will unfold. By consequently clicking on one of the mentioned projects a general description of the project will be shown. In front of every project you will see another "+"sign, by clicking on this a menu with three options will unfold. Here you can read what KBF Foundation has realized under the project so far, what it's future plans are and you can look at some photographs.