KBF Foundation (statutory Stichting Karibu Basic Finance) has the ANBI status, i.e. it is an acknowledged public benefit organization

Chamber of Commerce: 34312337
Fiscal ID: 8199.08.964

The board of the foundation consists of:

Mrs K.E. de Beer, President
Mr B.T. Thus, Treasurer and Secretary
Mrs M. Schaap
Mr A. van Leusden

The board members receive no remuneration for their activities.

Policy 2019-2030

Last year, the board has worked on the 2019-2030 policy plan. The focus areas of the foundation for the coming years are further elaborated. We have chosen to innovate within our approach by taking the foundation and the way in which we support and implement projects to a higher and renewed level.

Following the recent strategic review, we are currently working on setting up new projects around our central themes, but this will take time and cooperation with various (scientific) organizations and other foundations. With the help of our "guiding principles" this is the path that needs to be taken in order to achieve our objectives.

Financial accountability is given in the below downloadable annual accounts and report for 2022:

Annual accounts 2022 KBF Foundation (pdf)

Annual report 2022 KBF Foundation (pdf)