Next to the primary school there is also a school for mentally challenged children within the community of  Nimuyumba. In this school both mentally and physically disabled children are cared for. The aim of the school is to teach these children/ young adults to work independently and be able to provide for themselves.

The School for mentally challenged children, besides a special educational program,  engages in making beaded necklaces , tile coasters and place mats of palm leaves, rag mats and fly nets nicely decorated with beads . These products are sold and the proceeds are new educational material purchased.

Currently, the school has 19 pupils and three dedicated teachers which is an intensive supervision. The students are both mentally and physically handicapped. Focus of the foundation is to engage the children in regular education as much as possible. The pupils are subdivided into three groups based on the age of the children. The average age is considerably higher then the primary school.